dinsdag 29 maart 2011

Arbois - Chardonnay la Fauquette 2004

Just recently, following a link on Bourgogne Wineblog, I stumbled on CrazyYellow, a blog dedicated solely to wines from the Jura. What a dedication!

One of his blogs covers Michel Gahier from Montigny lés Arsures in depth. And I remembered vividly the disappointment I encountered on a day that, passing by chance in the region and having stopped on the little square in front of the church, I asked passers-by if they could indicate me a good address to buy a few bottles of wine. Unknowingly I had asked this to a sommelier and his 3 trainees who had just done a visit at Michel Gahier and recommended the house as being one of the best in the region.

Michel Gahier must be quite good indeed because he had hardly anything left for sale - hence my disappointment.

No Savagnin left, no Poulsard left, but I brought home some of his Chardonnay les Crets and la Fauquette of 2004 and possibly his last bottles of Trousseau 2006.

I still have 2 Fauquette's and 2 Troussaud's and the reading convinced me it was time to taste another Fauquette.

My wife had prepared a delicious mixed omelet with tomato, cottage cheese, bacon and herbs and I decided this was a perfect match for the Chardonnay.

And so it was! Brilliant dark yellow with fine tears, a nose that brings out nuts, spices and the inevitable apples. Very round in the mouth, quite some power and a delicious, springy acidity at the end. A gorgeous bottle!

And disappointed again because I only have 1 bottle left now! But this one I will save for a Sunday chicken tajine or maybe even a veal cutlet with champignon-sauce. In two years from now, I guess. In between I'll definitely visit Michel Gahier again.